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Are you finding the whole idea of getting your business online confusing and just a little bit daunting?

Here are the basics that need to be considered.
To get your business on the internet you will need a website (domain), a website name (domain name) and a domain host who provides web space for your domain.

Visitors will be able to use your website name to find you on the internet.

You will probably also want to promote (internet marketing)your business online to allow customers to find you using search engines such as Google Yahoo or MSN.

This could give you a competitive edge over your rivals.


Use our online website requirements planner to plan out your requirements and receive a quote for your new website development.

Website Requirements Planner - Online form to assist in the planning of your new website development

Key considerations


Web Designers website

As you can already see, there are a lot of considerations that relate to websites other than the just the website design. Only when you are aware of all the factors and how they affect your company's requirements can you make an informed decision.
Your websites job is to make you money; either by allowing your product to be sold online or by delivering your message to a larger audience.
One other consideration, a website should never be regarded as finished, but an evolving tool that is there to help your business, in-fact the ones that are ignored, not surprisingly are the one that fail!


In this sector of the market, change is inevitable, keeping ahead of the competition will give you a competitive edge.
You need to be aware of what's changed and what's new and if further benefit is to be gained.

You could go to a different supplier for each of the services mentioned above, but we guarantee that it will be detrimental to how effective your website finally performs.

Spear deliver all the internet services that you will require, and that means that you get the most cost effective, informed and hassle free route to having a website package that really does work for you!

Our Spear Solutions Business Consultants can talk you through the whole process, and then organise everything for you.
To view or download Spear's 13 page 'website facts' report in PDF format

Use our online website requirements planner to receive an accurate quote for your new website development.

What type of website should I choose?

If you are a young or small business, you will probably have more restraints on your budget.

We offer a number of alternatives to choose from, but before making a choice you should understand the restrictions and advantageous that they offer.

If you are looking for long term success, understanding the differences will play a big part in influencing your final decision.

Principal Website options


Bespoke solutions

Our development teams have extensive capabilities in all areas of website development and IT technology. We can provide expertise in all areas of development including the integration of back office management, database structures and Intranet facilities, if you have a specific requirement, no matter how big or small, we can assist.

We have a sizeable number of developers, designers, search engine optimisers and IT specialists available to ensure that your project meets the very highest level of standards.


Content management

Whichever choice of website development you require, we recommend that content management is included.



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Website facts - view or download Spear's 13 page report in PDF format

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website requirements planner - Use our online website requirements planner to plan out your new website development.

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