Intranets and Extranets

What is the difference between an Intranet and Extranet and does my business need either?

An Intranet provides a single point for any business or organisation to consolidate its information into one convenient location regardless of how many offices or departments they operate, once logged-in a user can access information on the intranet.

An extranet extends an intranets capabilities by allowing secure internet access from any internet connected computer.
The word Intranet remains the predominent term for describing both Intranets and Extranets (we will refer to it as an Intranet / Extranet, we don’t mind what you call it).

Its just like having your own private internet.

Spear Intranet
A corporate performance Intranet / Extranet is now available for every small business to benefit from.

Spear-Intranet is a powerful, easy-to-use Intranet / Extranet solution specifically designed to help businesses improve their performance through more effective file sharing and quick secure access to company information from any location.

Spear-intranet boasts a wealth of applications each developed to help users complete their tasks more efficiently.

Spear-intranet Intranet / Extranet offers small business the ability to achieve real benefits ranging from increased efficiency and reduced costs to improved customer service.

Spear-intranet Capability

  • A powerful, easy-to-use search engine and knowledge base enables rapid location and access to information even when working at home or in remote locations.
  • New information can easily be added, amended and published at any time by any employee who has been granted authority.
  • Departments and teams and even outside bodies are able to collaborate and participate in file sharing.
  • Every-one in your organisation will be able to rely on information that is up to date and instantly available, whenever and wherever they may need it.
  • Spear-Intranet offers a vast improvement upon static inflexible solutions run by the majority of smaller organisations who may already operate an intranet.
  • On demand Intranet / Extranet solution with no need for new hardware or software, Spear-intranet is a simple ready to use intranet solution benefiting from many man-years of development.
  • Spear Intranet can be up and running and helping any small business or organisation in less than a day.
  • Spear Intranet includes over 30 integrated dynamic applications as standard.

Each of these applications has been specifically developed to help small business users achieve their daily tasks more effectively. In addition to these standard applications, further applications and bespoke changes are also available on request.

Benefits Summary

  • Save time & money, Improved efficiency, Improved customer service Increased productivity, Better partner collaboration, Empowered staff, Managed knowledge, Unify business systems.
  • Simplify company wide compliance procedures.

Spear iNet Intranet offers an excellent business case for a broad range of companies.

It is invaluable to any small business or organisation that needs to disseminate information between a number of different parties (internal or external), and in particular to organisations for whom these different parties operate in more than one geographical location.

The application is ideal for any small business or organisation that employs 5 or more individuals who require regular access to information. Just some of the small business sectors in which an effective Intranet / Extranet can benefit a business are knowledge-based service sector organisations such as law, accountancy, health sector, public sector and government sector.

Government Grants
There is the possibility of receiving small business grants to assist with the implementation of a new Intranet / Extranet product. Grants to help businesses develop are available from a variety of sources such as, the Government, the European Union and some charitable organisations. They are linked to precise areas of business activity, such as exporting, new product development or training, or a specific industry sector. In addition there are some grants that are linked to specific geographical areas, which are in need of economic regeneration.

Spear Intranet / Extranet pricing: Pricing is based on a charge per user structure, allowing total flexibilty for expansion as and when you require.